Safe, Strong, and Here For You

Between this week’s headlines about the banking industry and the continued uncertainty of the global economy, we felt like this is the perfect time to remind you that Linn-Co Federal Credit Union is here for you, our members. Your Credit Union is safe and strong, just as we have been since 1956.

Improve Your Credit

TIPS TO IMPROVING YOUR CREDIT Evaluate your budget Instead of applying for more credit to get additional money, take a hard look at your budget. Figure out ways to cut out unnecessary spending and try to make bigger payments to current credit card bills and loans. Larger payments will reduce the amount of interest you […]

Your Financial Home

All the products and services you need! We could all use a little simplicity in our lives right now. With everything we have to think about – from the health of our families to the security of our jobs – the last thing we need is to worry about who is taking care of our […]

Getting Extra Cash Is Easy

Refinance Options for You! If you purchased a new car from the dealer and used their financing option, bought your home when interest rates were higher, or have a credit card and medical debts you’d like to consolidate, Linn-Co can help you refinance or consolidate your debts in order to lower your monthly payments. By […]


We are pleased to offer two Bud Barnes Memorial Scholarships. This scholarship is named after long-time dedicated Board member Bud Barnes and will recognize the students who best embody the spirit of volunteerism and the credit union difference.  Deadline for entry is May 1st. We also give over $2,000 in Camp Scholarships each year to our Star Savers. Grab […]